In 2017, NHS will continue serving residents-in-need through free health screenings and follow-up. 

Eunos Crescent | 9-10 September 2017

Kampong Glam | 7-8 October 2017


About NHS


NHS is a local community health service project initiated by NUS Medicine, Nursing and Social Work students that targets the rental block population, and aims to reconnect residents-in-need back to the healthcare system through free health screenings and follow-up.

History of NHS


The inaugural NHS was held in January 2008, serving the residents of Taman Jurong Zone B. Since then, NHS has served 8 districts and more than 4000 residents, and increased the number of screening modalities to 13, from an initial 3. 

NHS Services


NHS conducts free health screenings, both at a centralised location and door-to-door to bring health services to residents' door steps.

Subsequently, follow-up is conducted for residents with abnormal screening results to make sure that they are reconnected back to the healthcare system (i.e. actively seeking treatment for their conditions).