NHS conducts follow-up after screenings for residents who suffer from chronic conditions.

Follow-up is conducted to actively encourage residents to visit a certified physician to:
(i) obtain a formal diagnosis;
(ii) obtain suitable treatment for their chronic condition(s).
NHS has a robust follow-up programme that consists of the following:
(i) Post Screening Follow-up : One-off house visit conducted 2 weeks post-screening to explain blood test results to residents who had undergone a blood test (phlebotomy);
(ii) Follow-up via phone call (PC) : Phone call every 3-4 months to follow-up with residents with abnormal screening results;
(iii) Follow-up via house visit (HV) : House visit every 3-4 months to follow-up with residents who require more active monitoring (e.g. extremely abnormal screening results, face significant barriers to healthcare).

Follow-up continues until the committee, in consultation with medical doctors, deem the resident fit for “discharge”; i.e. the resident may still be suffering from illness, but has been diagnosed and reconnected back to the healthcare system.