NHS presently adopts a Five-Year Plan Framework when moving into a new district. Across a period of 5 years, NHS conducts Screening and Follow-up in the following sequence:

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The Five-Year Plan Framework was established to achieve the following: 

1. To delineate the operations of NHS in the district over a medium to long term period (five years); 

2. To allow districts to be evaluated on a needs basis, in order to serve residents with the greatest need; 

3. To be transparent and maintain a degree of commitment to residents and grassroots in a particular district. 


After the 5th Year, NHS will re-evaluate the needs of a particular district based on a standardised evaluation rubric which takes into account several factors such as the number of follow-up cases remaining and the health-seeking behaviour of residents.

Thereafter, a revised plan will be crafted based on the needs of the residents in the particular district. This plan will delineate the operations of NHS in the district after the first 5 years.