NHS offers free health screenings with a wide range of services to residents-in-need. 


In the 1st, 2nd and 5th year, NHS conducts free health screenings over one weekend in either September or October.

To reach out to residents-in-need, screenings target the rental block population which has a greater proportion of elderly and lower-income households.


Screening is conducted to:

(i) Flag out undiagnosed latent chronic condition(s) which residents may suffer from;

(ii) Determine the degree of control of the condition(s) (if resident has already been diagnosed).


Screening is conducted in 2 forms:

(i) Centralised screening in a community centre or void deck near rental blocks in the district;

(ii) Door-to-door screening in rental blocks for residents who are less mobile.

We will be providing more than 30 unique services during our 2018 community-based screenings: